My son has no clue of my job!

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There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs. – Mark Sanborn

One evening my youngest son had a revelation.  “Mom, mom I finally know what dad does on his job!  He fixes things!”  “Really son, that’s great!” He continues and says, “And I know that my brother loves and plays football and that is his job!” 

After a long pause, I was sure he was going to tell me what it is that I do but to my surprise he goes back to completing his homework.  Well, now I am pretty curious.  I want to know his thoughts and so I ask, “Son, do you have any idea of what my job is?”   He answers, “Well mom, I really don’t know your job.  I just know you like kids and talking and you go to school.”

After I picked myself up off the floor from utter shock I gathered my thoughts to give a response.  I mean why was it so obvious to him about his dad and brother but not me?  I say, “Really son, you have no idea of my job?”   Then I realized that he was right.  I love what I do and it does not always feel like a job.  My son wasn’t saying my job was unimportant.  He just didn’t have a category to put it in.  It doesn’t make my job any less important.

Three things I learned in my conversation with my son.

  1. When you enjoy your job, it will not seem like work.  My son tells me all the time that I go to school.  He enjoys visiting my school and even assists me at speaking engagements. To him mom is having fun and enjoys being a part of that!
  2. Not everyone will find value in what you do and that is okay. The beauty of a variety of jobs is that there are so many to choose from.  Choose one that has you dreaming and planning before you even get out of bed.
  3. Every job has value.  The job interview starts the minute you get dressed for the interview and drive into the parking lot.  Some jobs are secured before the interview has even begun because of your first impression.  Do what you love and love what you do!

Your job doesn’t have to look and feel like a job to be rewarding.  Choose one you love and you will not have to work! 

Tonya L


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2 thoughts on “My son has no clue of my job!”

  1. I love #1. Although I enjoy my job for the most part. It is not what I love to do. I think it is important that parents and role models set the example on how to make any job enjoyable. We may not yet have our dream job but while we have a job, we can make the best of the experience and show others how to “make lemonade out of lemons”. Keep doing what you are doing Tonya!

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