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Programs | The Whiteside Group
Tonya Whiteside of The Whiteside Group

Program Topics Include:

Job Readiness

How important are first impressions?  What is packaging?  This workshop will focus on preparing you for the competitive job market through the job interviewing process.  Learn what employers are looking for and how to impress them through your packaging and responsiveness.

Keynote Speaker

Whether you need a speaker for small group discussions, annual conferences, or breakout sessions, participants will be engaged from beginning to end.  Tonya will deliver a great message. Based on her professional and personal experiences you will be encouraged and inspired to succeed.

Customized Workplace Training

We offer solutions that are aligned with your company’s mission and vision. Through conversations between The Whiteside Group and your organization, we build training workshops specifically to help employers and employees set goals and meet company objectives.

Request Tonya to Speak

The success of the program is based on four guiding principles:
 The M.E.A.L. approach
  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Active Participation
  • Life application

This component establishes a positive climate for the workshop and training and celebrates the successes of each of the participants.  It also helps build self-confidence.


This component emphasizes life-long learning as a process and not a product.  Helps to foster the belief that an important quality one can develop for future success is to having the ability and willingness to learn.

Active Participation

An essential component of the workshop and training are the group activities that are included to support and reinforce the goals that are designed for the program.

Life Application

This component includes the action steps used to help participants in the area of commitment.  Additionally, it includes effective approaches to learn-by-doing.

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