“Thank you for your book.  It’s AWESOME!!!  I love the cover also.  I’m very proud of you, but what else to expect from a Delta Girl.  Love you and your positive attitude.  Keep it movin’.”

Tanya Hutchison, Former Mrs. California

Founder/Historian - Phenomenal Women, Inc., Author, Phenomenal Beauty: It's a Journey, Not a Destination

“Words are powerful, whether said to another or to ourselves. Tonya has collected meaningful quotations to inspire and guide us in our lives. Her Three S Rule is a way to cement our learning, leading toward a shift in thinking that will support our success and well-being.”

Bobbi DePorter

President Quantum Learning Network/Supercamp, Author, Quantum Success

“Congratulations!!!  I will use it the next time I write a course…I’m always looking for good quotes!”

Nicole Thomas

President RAVE! Seminars, Author, Ice Breaker Cookbook

“I love your style.  I read chapters out loud. Your book is really about rebuilding.  It really is!!  Your words on those pages moved me…”

Marissa C. Presley

Prevention Education Specialist